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Impossible Recording Machine: Axioms Impossible Recording Machine: Axioms
Pop meets ambient meets noise on this self-produced, debut album from Impossible Recording Machine.

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Micronaut: BASIC Micronaut: BASIC
BASIC features four new songs in the genre-spanning style that Micronaut is known for.

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Micronaut: Callisto Micronaut: Callisto
Callisto marks Chris Randall's fifth genre-spanning sojourn in to the back streets of electronic music under the Micronaut banner. Mostly up-tempo, partially eccentric, and definitely danceable, Callisto is a distilled history of Micronaut in one album.

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Impossible Recording Machine: Echo The Moon Impossible Recording Machine: Echo The Moon
Following the course of an emotive theme from beginning to end, Impossible Recoding Machine's second album is alternately beautiful and eerie, gentle and razor-sharp.

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Eco-Hed: Eco-Hed s/t Eco-Hed: Eco-Hed s/t
Adventures in eclectic electronica from Die Warzau programmer Van Christie and Chicago House DJ Matt Warren.

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Micronaut: Europa Micronaut: Europa
A brooding and introspective piece of melodic electronica, Micronaut's fourth album is dark and cinematic, with twisting synth lines and disjointed drum-beats vying for attention amid a thick bed of drones and found sound.

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Christ Analogue: Everyday Is Distortion Christ Analogue: Everyday Is Distortion
A flawless union of intricate drum and synth programming, strong ambient structure, and vocals ranging from intimate to enraged bear the listener through this sixteen-song epic.

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Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners
Fellow Prisoners is an otherworldly concoction of driving beats and ambient soundscapes from Machines of Loving Grace keyboardist, Mike Fisher.

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Micronaut: Ganymede Micronaut: Ganymede
Micronaut moves further afield with their third release, Ganymede, which explores drum & bass, jungle and tech-step.

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Scanalyzer: Glitch Scanalyzer: Glitch
An 8-bit über-frenzy of byte-sized sample-fu, re-formatted for todays digital lifestyle.

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Posi Perfect Album Side 11.17.2005
Chris Randall brings us "Transform," a 'live in the studio' Micronaut performance of a single 22-minute song, consisting of five different movements. Each part of the track is a piece unto itself, but they all mesh together to create the whole.
Posi Perfect Album Side 10.11.2005
Mark Beeson plays some of his Positron! favorites. Featuring tracks from Sister Machine Gun, Eco-Hed, Beautiful Assassins, Scanalyzer, and Bizarbies, as well as live tracks from Amish Rake Fight and Micronaut.
Posi Perfect Album Side 09.14.2005
Wade Alin of Atomica plays unreleased Atomica, new tracks from Milkfish and Scanalyzer, and some of his Positron! favorites.
Posi Perfect Album Side 09.02.2005
Host Chris Randall plays some unreleased material from Sister Machine Gun, Micronaut, and Scanalyzer, and previews two tracks from his upcoming solo collection.
Posi Perfect Album Side 08.24.2005
The Posi Perfect Album Side features 10 of our host's favorite Positron! tracks. Host: Lisa Randall.