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Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners
Fellow Prisoners is an otherworldly concoction of driving beats and ambient soundscapes from Machines of Loving Grace keyboardist, Mike Fisher.

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The Atomica Project: Gravity (single) The Atomica Project: Gravity (single)
Gravity is the first single from The Atomica Project's sophomore release, Grayscale.

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The Atomica Project: Metropolitan The Atomica Project: Metropolitan
Metropolitan maneuvers effortlessly through genres, incorporating elements of trip hop, orchestral, downtempo, and lo-fi, all the while illustrating a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery.

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Beautiful Assassins: Preamp Beautiful Assassins: Preamp
The debut release from Beautiful Assassins is an incredible blend of industrial, ambient and electronic mayhem.

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Bizarbies: Half-Hits Bizarbies: Half-Hits
Documents the rise and fall of a boy who moves to the big city and finds himself in big trouble!

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Bounte: Maximal Bounte: Maximal
Bounte returns with more intricate, groove-infused electronica in Maximal. With this 4-track set, Bounte shifts focus to danceable instrumentals dominated by glitchy, thundering beats. From the hard and grinding low-end of "D575" to the energized snarework of "Sextuple X," Maximal is fuel for the dance floor.

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Bounte: One Bounte: One
One is the debut album from Chicago native Bounte. Combining a breakbeat and IDM backbone with strong melodic textures and melodies, One is an unique take on the current electronic music scene.

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Christ Analogue: The Bitcrusher Remixes Christ Analogue: The Bitcrusher Remixes
The companion release to 2003's critically acclaimed Everyday is Distortion puts a dance floor edge on the ground breaking intensity you've come to expect from Christ Analogue.

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Christ Analogue: Everyday Is Distortion Christ Analogue: Everyday Is Distortion
A flawless union of intricate drum and synth programming, strong ambient structure, and vocals ranging from intimate to enraged bear the listener through this sixteen-song epic.

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Chris Randall: The Devil His Due Chris Randall: The Devil His Due
The long-awaited solo album from Chris Randall, former frontman for Sister Machine Gun, pays homage to more traditional American music, while still maintaining the chaotic edginess that Randall is known for.

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Posi Perfect Album Side 11.17.2005
Chris Randall brings us "Transform," a 'live in the studio' Micronaut performance of a single 22-minute song, consisting of five different movements. Each part of the track is a piece unto itself, but they all mesh together to create the whole.
Posi Perfect Album Side 10.11.2005
Mark Beeson plays some of his Positron! favorites. Featuring tracks from Sister Machine Gun, Eco-Hed, Beautiful Assassins, Scanalyzer, and Bizarbies, as well as live tracks from Amish Rake Fight and Micronaut.
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